10 Tinder Bios And What They Would Say If Written By Postmodernists

1. “I like pizza, my beard, my dog, and collapsing delusions about class.”

2. “Just looking to hookup in this bleak and ceaseless hell.”

3. “Derrida > Doritos.”

4. “Swipe right if you want to know more about my anxious-ambivalent attachment style.”

5. “I prefer discourse to intercourse.”

6. “Tattooed, pierced, full of unmitigated fear about the senseless nature of being, bartender, xbox, anything else just ask”

7. “Although there’s no such thing as a singular identity, I’d say that I’m a gym rat lmfao”

8. “SWM looking to be dominated…by language.”

9. “This is more than just an image of me holding a fish; it’s a manifestation of the last breath of a vaporizing reality.”

10. “DTF = Down To read Foucault w/ u all nite long ladies ;P” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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