Travel Lightly — You Have Everything You Need

While on this journey of life, travel lightly. Take only the essentials, only that which you need. Take only that which serves you and serves you well, my love.

Leave the past behind. It no longer serves you. All that pain you carry, all the emotions and the turmoil. All they do is weigh you down with every step. They place blinders over your eyes when you need to see the road ahead. How can you see clearly through so many tears?

You’ve learned the lessons. They guide you and lift you through the fog of confusion and uncertainty. After all, we’re all confused and just feeling our way through life. None of us have a map and our blueprint is ever-changing as we add lessons to our lives.

And so with this, let go of thoughts of the future. You can’t control it, nor can you control other people and dictate their actions. You can only control yourself, your emotions, and how you react. We all want the people we love to stay, but how will they ever discover who they’re meant to be, how will they ever fly, if we chain them to us? And how can we ever fly if we chain ourselves to others? The people that are meant to be with us will always be with us; they will always find their way back to us and us to them. That I promise, my love.

How can you cross oceans when you hold the pain of the past in one hand and your anxiety of the future in the other? The past will anchor you down and the future will drown you. The past is gone and the future is inevitable. So stay.

Here in the present, feel and hear and see everything. Feel the air fill your lungs, reminding you of the beauty of life. Hear everything, from the softest sound of a breeze to the loudest sound of automobiles passing by. See everything, every shape and every color, as your mind maps it to this place, this present being.

Travel lightly — you have everything you need. Everything else will come to you. All you need is you, my love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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