That Is Love

When two souls meet and hearts connect

That is love

When two souls speak in silent breaths

That is love

When two souls touch yet are miles apart

That is love

When one soul is Heaven and the other is Earth

That is love

When both souls cry when the battle is over

That is love

When one soul leaves so the other may grow

That is also love

Love is so many things. It is that first look they gave you when your eyes connected. Love is seeing their anxious and nervous look and finding them absolutely adorable. Love is all the laughter you shared in your own private space. Love is that first touch, that first hug, and that first kiss. Love is telling them all your secret dreams and passions that you would never tell anyone else and listening to them tell you all theirs. Love is sunsets and sunrises. Love is your heart beating in your chest, ready to burst, when you see them walk into the room.

Love is also that first argument, that first fight. It’s not caring whether you were right or they were, it’s knowing that love matters more. It’s when you finally talk to them after a long day or just seeing their text. It’s knowing that you are a hundred miles away, but you feel their love next to you anyways.

Love is giving them space and patience when they need it. It’s knowing that with some battles, they have to fight on her own. Sometimes it’s the messages left on read. It’s the nights wondering if they have moved on and forgotten about you. It’s giving them your trust and letting them know that you will still be there when they come back, whenever and however long it takes. So yes, sometimes love hurts too. Love is letting them grow, so that they may be a better person with or without you. That is love.

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