Sometimes God Will Break Us Just So He Can Fix Us

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No matter how much we try to hide the pain behind our laughter and smiles, even though we’re so good at faking everything that we make everyone else believe we’re fine, and even if every “I’m okay” seems a practiced answer for every “How are you?”, we can never fool the One who made us and the One who loves us so much.

God knows everything and nothing is hidden from Him. He knows all the secrets behind the facade we show, He knows the hurt we’ve been keeping for long, and He knows the questions we are trying so hard to find answers to.

Sometimes He breaks us in the most inconvenient way. He will reveal the issues in our lives that are left unsolved in an unexpected time and place until we realize we can fool others but we can never fool Him and even ourselves.

He will take us back to the past to remember the causes of our heartaches and tears; we can try to escape but we can never run away from the stories and memories that even until now are still haunting us.

He will allow the regrets that eat at us and the sorrows that consume us to take over and make a huge impact in our lives until it serves its purpose.

Try as we might, hiding and running away from those things and even from Him will do no good. God is so all-knowing, He knows when to shake our faith and unveil the burdens and excess baggage we’re carrying.

Our God is a God of surprises and often He will stun us with unanticipated return of people whom we thought had been long gone from our orbit, with words we never knew we’d still be able to hear, with situations we aren’t ready to face, with complicated things we are afraid to accept and understand.

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom why we need to experience such bad times and even go back to that messy part of our lives. Why can’t we just continue on like nothing happened and live a life free of worries?

Well, life doesn’t work that way. God doesn’t work that way either; instead we have to face the unresolved issues in our lives to get ready for the blessing He is about to give. We should humble ourselves to surrender to Him the burdens and heaviness we’ve been holding onto so His joy can fill us, let the sorrow and regret that haunts us be a reminder that He will be with us all throughout, and give this brokenness to Him as a submission that we are nothing but pieces that can only be fixed by Him.

We have a good, good Father above and just like a biological father in earth, He wants what’s best for us. God wants to make sure that His children will never get lost or tired while fighting the battles that are ahead of them and that no matter what the situation may be, He will always be evident in their lives.

So don’t get confused or surprised when the unsettled business of the past that we tried so hard to bury deep down suddenly showed up again, even when we thought we were fine. Perhaps God is truly moving in us and He’s using all those things to start changing our broken lives and turn it into unique and beautiful one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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