23 Valuable Reminders In Life That I’ve Collected In 23 Years

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I. Sleep is vital, don’t take it for granted.

II. Never ever beg someone to stay in your life may it be friends or someone who became special to you. If they want to leave just let them, people who surely wants to play a role in your story will let you know that they do want to make it until the end.

III. It won’t cost you anything to be kind to the people surrounding you.

IV. Don’t aim too much for impeccable A’s, for higher GPA’s or perfect test scores that you forget to live a little. It’s all right to make mistakes or even fail sometimes. Aim for better learning and development while having fun.

V. Take care of yourself! Replenish, refresh, and remove toxins from your body. Rest if you must, don’t ever exhaust yourself too much, and listen to your body’s cries ‘cause you’re the only one responsible for it.

VI. It’s okay not to be okay.

VII. No matter what happens your family will always be there for you. No ifs and no buts, this is the truth. Sometimes they won’t understand your actions and decisions but know that they got your back whatever the situations may be.

VIII. Learn how to save up so that if you want to buy things, you can pull something out of your own pocket.

IX. Thinking of and for yourself is not ‘selfishness,’ it’s the ability to understand what’s best for you, to know your limits, and to appreciate your strengths and weaknesses.

X. Hard times will reveal the true people who told you the words “I’ll be here for you.”

XI. A little bit of breaking the rules is nice, just be aware of the consequences after.

XII. You can still be polite, smile and say no. Keep in mind that you have the right to say “no.”

XIII. What matters most is what you truly feel about yourself. Listen to that little voice within you. Don’t let other people direct you and tell you what to do and what not to do. Be your own guide, your own mirror, your own compass.

XIV. Change and growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to progress, believe and trust your own pace.

XV. Failure is not a major setback but staying there and doing nothing is.

XVI. If they don’t want you anymore, fine, no problem at all. It’s a-okay, honey. Chin up!

XVII. A minute of crying from then and now is helpful to release stress and pain inside.

XVIII. Letting go is hard but holding on even if there’s no reason to and they’re already pushing you away is harder, no, it’s even the hardest. Respect yourself enough to carry your suitcase and leave.

XIX. Nobody’s gonna help you unless you help yourself.

XX. You don’t need a battalion or whole group of friends to get along with. Most of the time you only need few who will stick around through ups and downs and through thick and thin; the smaller your circle is, the better it will be to know the ones who are true to you.

XXI. Awards, medals, recognitions are just extrinsic motivations. Hard work, talents, skills, abilities, and the way you handle and deal with people are more important.

XXII. Kindness changes everything.

XXIII. Above all, it’s God alone who will sustain you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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