I Told You I’d Always Be Here, And I Truly Always Will Be

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I could’ve done a lot if you just let me in; I could’ve offered you not just the world I am living in but all the in-between it holds. It saddens me, knowing the thought of you leaving without even dropping a single hint of why you had to. But as what I’ve said, I could’ve given you everything if you just let me, despite the fact that you had hesitations, I could’ve changed it, you know.

You were my ideal one; the cream to my coffee, the moon to my night sky, the beat to my favorite song, the spice to my usual appetite, the light to my darkest times, and the very thing that keeps me sane.

You were my inspiration; someone who made me believe that I have potentials inside me and that I could be the person who could reach greater heights ahead of me. You just didn’t know how thankful I am for your dear encouragements.

It’s strange that the shortest time we were together, talking and just having fun, you already made an impact, a history, a story of my life. It’s like I’ve known you for so long—so long that you kept me company, so long that I just found it easy to share my thoughts to you, so long that I found myself falling—oh, how deeply I’ve fallen for you.

But you were my almost, my close to forever, my quite there chance, my one and only person who got away.

I wanted to stop you if only I had given a tiny luck of convincing you to stay. I know you had your own reasons but I just wish you could tell me, even one of it so I wouldn’t be this confused.

I cling to touch you, see you every day, hear your lovely voice, hold you closer without letting go, give you all the things you asked for, tell you how beautiful you were inside and out, give you assurance that you’re the only person I would love and make you feel it in all possible ways I could.

I am still here, holding on to that reveries, holding on to that slightest possibility of you and me.

Even though the odds were too unfavorable for me, if the wind of change blew your way and led you back to me, I wouldn’t trade that opportunity from anything in this world.

But if you’re just a lesson to learn, a person who’s supposed to happen to me, a memory to keep, I would totally understand and respect that. I wouldn’t force myself to keep you if you wanted to be free—I wouldn’t force my love to someone who already refused to accept it.

Nevertheless, I am still here, I would always be here; as a friend you’ve known since then, the backbone to achieving your dreams, that unknown person who cheers behind you, the one who whispers your name to God for protection as long as you live, and that person who would love you from afar.

Don’t worry, I am fine and I would be. Just like before, I would always be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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