I Don’t Mind Waiting As Long As I Find You One Day


You and I are two worlds apart right now, maybe you’re within my reach, or maybe it’s the opposite. We could be both living in the same place and sharing the same time zone, or maybe you’re out there somewhere trying to figure out the country you’re staying in.

But I don’t care how near or far you are from me right now because I believe that someday you and I will cross the same paths and find each other.

You have dreams and aspirations to achieve. You can be studying right now for that coming final or you have to stay up late just to finish that term paper due on Friday. I guess if you’re already working, you might be too fed up of the deadlines, schedules and the pressure from your boss. Maybe you’re enjoying what you’re doing or you can be pretending, just ‘faking it ‘til you make it.’

I don’t know what consumes you and your time but I do believe that you’re progressing and making yourself better for your future. Keep it up, I’m here praying for you to get through your everyday life.

Perhaps you love arts; we can get along very well if you do. If you’re in to some sports, that will also be fine. If you have to answer that adrenaline rush, go ahead, treat yourself for some trekking, snorkeling or any adventure that makes you feel eager and alive. Collect all the memories that cameras aren’t able to capture.

And when the time comes, I’m all ears, ready to listen those stories worth remembering. I promise.

Maybe your sister likes it when the two of you spend time together with your family. Your parents, I think they appreciate you so much and definitely proud of you. Your friends, they love you for your side jokes and dance moves. For sure, you’re the life of the party or maybe you’re the contrary.

I don’t have any idea how you mingle with the people around you but I do have a hint that you truly value those who really care for you.

I can’t deny getting jealous with those relationships you had, perhaps by now you’re in one. They might be the one you certainly care for, trust, and love. You get to spend a lot of time and effort just to keep them and it doesn’t matter if they return it or not. You have your heart on your sleeves and ready to risk everything; you’re such a giver.

Honestly, I won’t judge you for that because that’s who you are and how you love. Go on, take your time. If that’s what it takes for you to realize how capable you are to love someone then cherish it while it lasts.

If, one day you get your heart broken, please don’t lose hope on love. Don’t turn your back on relationships. You’ll be fine, I swear, and you will be back on track after some time. Let your heart rest and yourself heal on its own. You don’t have to force things, just let it be.

And one day love will come in a way you never expected. Trust me.

If you worry you won’t find love again, bear in mind that someone like me is still here. It may seem odd and unclear but it’s true, I’m waiting for you, and don’t worry, I’m not in a hurry. I know that this kind of love that we’re about to find on each other is something to work on hardly and patiently.
While I’m waiting, I’m trying to better myself as well, not just for my own good but for yours too. I want you to know that while you’re busy with studies or work, I’m also doing the same thing because I want a good future for me and of course, for us.

I’m still figuring out the things that are happening in my life as of this moment. I’m just like you, keeping up with the weather and surviving every day. It’s hard and tedious but somehow I’m getting used to it.

Knowing that you are there and one day I won’t be facing this alone because you’re already by my side is enough for me to carry on.

You’re giving me hope and reason to live, somehow that keeps me going.

Though I’ve had my heart broken a lot of times trying to search for love in unknown places and looking for you on unfamiliar faces, I didn’t lose courage. I’m still in firm belief that you will come, you will give me the love that is unique and genuine, you will wipe away all the tears and fears I have, you will treat me in a way that I can’t seem to imagine, and you will share your life with me until we become one.

So go on, dear, live your life the way you want it; fill it with laughter and unforgettable episodes, dream on and have an amazing endeavors. Make a lot of mistakes and break some rules because I’ll be doing the same. And though we’re far away from each other, let’s hold on to the promise of fate that it will lead us to where we should be.

I may not know where you are, what you’re doing, and whom you’re with, all that I’m sure is I don’t mind waiting for you no matter how long it takes and how difficult it might get.

As long as I have the guarantee of finding you after all the suffering and persistence, everything will be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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