This Is How A Person With A Heart Of Gold Will Love You

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People with a heart of gold are like treasures hidden deep underground, they’re too rare and precious for this unfair and cruel world. You see, people like them are filled with compassion, kindness, and genuine love in their whole being. They didn’t just learn those things in the four corners of their classroom nor it was taught by people around them; those traits are inborn to them and they will always carry it even until they grow old.

And believe it or not, you’re indeed blessed if you found one of their kind.

They will start to share their life with you by building a good foundation of friendship; they will invest a lot of time to know everything about you—your past, present and even the future that you want to become and achieve, all your quirks and uncontrollable fidgets, your family history way back from your grands and up to your youngest sibling, your favorites, those baby pictures in your photo albums, that scar on your skin, and every bits of information they need to know.

If it’s about you, it means everything. They want to be trusted with even a little, and secret things that not everyone has the privilege to get to know about you. Oh details, they focus on details.

For them efforts are truly valuable and they will always make sure that you will feel it; somehow they will try their best to do something for you.

They will text you with good morning messages that has a smiley face at the end, remind you about your schedules and tasks, and lighten up your day with a meek encouragement. Even if you’re already together, they will never stop fulfilling their job to take care of you, cook for you, spend much time with you and prepare simple yet fun presents and activities that you can share for memories sake.

Whatever is happening with you and your life in general, they will stay with you no matter where and no matter what comes around.

Your downfall is theirs as well, and if you feel upset with everything that’s going on, they will offer you a shoulder to cry on and ears that are ready to listen to your rants and feels; if you have to scream just to release the pain and frustrations, they will find ways for you to do it. Because it’s in the dark times that you and them are being challenged by fate and the only thing they can do is to be there and make you feel that someday, somehow, it will all turn out fine eventually.

It’s also inevitable for these kind of people to meet their weaknesses. Despite being strong-willed and persevered, they still have their own fragile side. There might be days where it’s all gloomy and dull for them and that’s when they needed you most, just as you needed them when it was you who’s on the very same position before.

But the thing here is they will never ask for help. The lies will conceal behind “I’m okay,” “it’s nothing,” “please, don’t worry about me,” “I’ll be fine,” and etcetera. Because for them, they don’t want to cause any disturbance or distractions or even be a burden to you.

They’re a mixture selfless, somewhat sensitive and kind of stubborn humans.

These can also go with their beliefs and values. People with a heart of gold are firm with what they believe is true, right and just. If you made a mistake they won’t tell you directly what it is, they will let you find it yourself and admit it afterwards. The moral? They just want you to learn your lesson and be careful next time. Most of all, the amount of respect you give to them will be given back to you either in fair quantity or even greater than what you’ve expected.

And the definite truth with all this is that they will love you honestly, constantly, completely, with all their heart, mind and being.

This will be their foothold and reminder every time. It will fuel them to carry on and believe in the uncertainties of love. Even if it means risking their own heart of gold for a love that might hurt and ruin them, even if they don’t have any assurance of what’s in store for them at the end, and even if they have to sacrifice a lot for the sake of you and the relationship to work.

They will love you in sunshine and rain.

They will love you in drought and abundance.

They will love you in pain and in comfort.

They will love you in sickness and in health.

They will love you in laughter and tears.

They will love you when things get rough and you don’t know what to do anymore.

They will love you and still see the goodness in you even if you hurt them.

They will love you even if there’s only silence between you and them.

They will love you when the only thing left to say is “sorry.”

They will love you even if they have to embrace sudden change.

They will love you whatever it takes, whenever you need it without asking for it, how much they have to pay for it, wherever they have to go, and whoever they have to deal with.

They will love you until words are never be enough to describe how much they’re willing to love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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