To The Beautiful Person I Never Had The Privilege Of Loving

Remi Walle
Remi Walle

You’ve probably forgotten about me—the things we did, the silly games we played, and the moments we shared. I think it’s alright; it’s better that we stay like this–like nothing ever happened between the two of us, like we never knew secrets once told, and simply, like our paths didn’t cross at all.
Despite that being said, I wanted you to know that I’ve finally come to a point where I admit,I regret losing you.

I let one of the best slip through my hand just like that.

And I am sorry.

I am sorry for the squandered time and efforts that you freely gave just to prove you’re being true and clear with your intentions. I am sorry for being selfish; not because of setting you free so I can go, but for keeping you for so long and enjoying your company, only to find out that in the end, I’d just hurt you.

I am sorry for not giving you a chance to experience being involved in my world, to became closer to the people I cherished most and to take part in the ups and downs of my life.

I am sorry for the pain I caused. I was like a tornado who came without a warning that blew up your guard and defenses. I never meant to make you feel that way but I didn’t know how to stop.

I am sorry for adding up to your burden that time; I was supposed to be cheering you and encouraging you to carry on, yet I was the one who made you feel worse.

And most especially, I am sorry because I didn’t fight for you when that was the exact thing you were expecting from me.

You were an angel in disguise, a lucky charm, and a really beautiful person, but I was too dumb to notice all of it, too blind to see everything and too dubious to believe what we could have been.

We almost had it. We were there, just starting and ready to grab it.

But I guess love wasn’t meant for us; neither you were meant for me nor I was meant for you.

But then, I also thank the heavens for having us meet our ends; if not for me for screwing things up, you wouldn’t have been able to meet someone new, such an amazing person, your same kind, your perfect match, your present and perhaps your future.

I know you’re happier now, I can see it as I try to watch your life in pictures. And yes, that’s what you truly deserve — the good things and all the bliss.

Even though we didn’t make it, I am glad that you passed by the road I was walking on.

You’re a lesson I will always remember, a blessing given by God, the beautiful person I never really had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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