Words Of Encouragement For The Broken Hearted

Flickr / sandra.scherer
Flickr / sandra.scherer

Every now and then we all go through a little heartache, and we’re sometimes left confused as to why things happen. We may never know why, but here are a few encouragements that may help you along the way.

Some people love the chase. They will pursue you until the ends of the earth, but once they know they have you, they quickly get bored and toss you aside. This is not your fault. You just happened to date someone who never cared for you. You’re better off without them.

Some people want what they can’t have. Similar to those above. These people are only interested as long as you’re slightly unavailable. As soon as you commit to the relationship they start to drift away. They text less, don’t return calls as often. When this happens plan your exit strategy, because they’re planning theirs.

Some people just want you to like them. They never stop to ask themselves if they like you. They just want to be liked, and for a short period in the beginning everything is great, and they’re on cloud nine. And for a short time they actually do like you. A Lot. Until they realize that they don’t, and they already got what they wanted from you. In which case you’re out the door.
Being dumped for whatever reason gives us time for introspection, and we look for what we did wrong. Sometimes we didn’t do anything wrong, and this can hurt a lot.

Especially when you’ve invested so much emotionally into a relationship. Only to watch it disintegrate, and there is nothing you can do to salvage it. You just have to dust yourself off and move on.

Work on improving yourself. Not because you hope that your ex will see the new and improved you, and come crawling back, but because you want to be a better person for yourself.

Realize that you are a wonderful person that deserves to be loved unconditionally, and that some people won’t realize that. Realize that it’s their loss, and they won’t get the joy of journeying through this life with you.

If your ex left you jaded, take it as a lesson not to do to others what your ex did to you. Heartache is not something to pay forward. Every new relationship is a new chapter you should enter with a blank slate. Leave your baggage at the airport.

Be a little cynical when during the start of a new relationship. This is a trying out process.

Be a little guarded while you get to know them, but not too guarded. You want to be able to let someone eventually love you.

Love yourself. Everyday tell yourself that you love yourself. Love your own company. Make jokes and laugh at them, take yourself on me dates. Enjoy your own company. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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