How To Love The Girl Who Pretends She Doesn’t Care

She texts you back, but with one liners. No matter what you say, her reply will always be a conversation ender. She doesn’t comment on your posts, she doesn’t tag you on the posts she finds funny. But it’s not personal. She doesn’t care about anyone, or anything.

It’s logical you might get tired of her, but you know there’s something there. Yeah she texts one liners, but at least she texts back. Yeah she seems like she doesn’t care, but maybe she wants to see if you care for her first.

People automatically assume that if a girl doesn’t show intense affection, then she doesn’t care. Or that maybe she’s friendzoning you. But you’re wrong. News flash everybody, not everything has to be about you.

It’s her. It’s just the way she is. She’s used to being alone and that’s okay. She’s gotten accustomed to fending for herself without having to think about anyone else. It’s not being unsociable or unapproachable. It’s being independent.

If you stay, you’ll learn that she’s not needy but she’ll need you. You’ll learn how to be yourself, while letting someone else be themselves too. She’ll show you how she learned to cook, to clean, to survive. Because at some point she realized, there will always come a time when you’ll be alone. And you’ll have to live with it.

She won’t be clingy, she won’t nag, she won’t go crazy if you don’t talk to her for a couple of hours. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to neglect her. After all, she may be independent but she’s still human. She’ll still want to hear from you. And she’ll want you to hear her day too. Just a simple call at the end of the day will make her smile.

Just like the way she got used to being alone, she’ll get used to the idea of being alone with you. And when you get used to her too, you’ll realize nobody else will let you live your life the way you want to. Nobody else will let you do this, and still love you. So let yourself fall for the girl who appears not to care. Let yourself fall for the independence that comes with her, because you’ll not only learn about her, you’ll learn about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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