The Girl Who’s Okay With Being Just A F*ck Buddy

Shutterstock / Lucky Business
Shutterstock / Lucky Business

I’m the girl you want to chill with but never love. I’m the girl you can talk to but also fuck. I’m the girl you really like, but not enough.

I listen to your stories, your complaints, your moans and your sighs. I listen to you talk about that girl with the fine ass while you pound into mine. I give you advice on how to best come on to her while I’m making you come. I’m not complaining, though. I’m just here to get some.

You don’t see me as a hoe because you consider me a bro. A bro you chill with, watch Netflix with, play Xbox with, and fuck with. A bro who’ll never steal your girl, because she’s also a girl you fuck.

In so many ways, you know I might just be the perfect girl. I fuck you and yet I don’t fuck with you. There’s no looming question of “Where is this going?” There’s no complicated talk on jealousy and ownership. I mind my business and you mind your own.

But you know and I know that this works because that’s never going to happen. This can never be something more because we both want other people. I’m better than a one night stand and yet not good enough to be your girl. I don’t see you the same way either. Love is just an elusive subject between us, and I’m okay with that.

The truth is, I’m okay. I just wanna get fucked when I want to and not when somebody else does. I just wanna talk about stuff that probably isn’t worth listening to but you do because you’re getting ass. But there’s no pretending like you care. You like me, but not that way. Just like I am with you.

Yes, people judge. But in this generation, who doesn’t? We’re good for a couple weeks, months if we’re lucky until we find someone worth holding on to. We’re the ‘in-between relationship’ without the baggage of emotions. Screw the judgments, it’s just what it is.

I’m not your girlfriend and you’re not my boyfriend. We just fuck and talk and not worry about the day before or after. There will always be that line that we’ll never cross. Having bared so much and yet so little to each other keeps us on this ground where it’s a free for all. And for us, that’s okay. It’s mutual, easy, and convenient. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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