It’s Time For America To Wake Up

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We’re still going strong, but have you noticed where we are? We’re seemingly lost and confused. Our country is only 241 years old, practically a baby compared to many other historic countries such as Rome, Greece, India, or Egypt. We still have a lot of growing to do and we must understand exactly that means for us. America, land of the free and home of the brave, yet we hold consistent tragedy in our hands. We spend excessive time trying to maintain the sanctity and outdated values that have been set that we neglect the country that we’re steadily growing into. Roses are gold, but what’s in the heart of the unknown? It’s time that we speak; speak easily, speak clearly, and speak incredibly!

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we were nothing but a caterpillar. The caterpillar utilized a system of oppression to conquer and build the land that we call home today. During The Great Depression, Jim Crow, and The Civil Rights Movement, we found our way into a cocoon. In our cocoon, we dealt with planes taking down two of our most precious treasures. It was in 2008 that a progressive butterfly released itself with the game changing presidential election race. We as a country came together and let our land be what it was meant to be, beautifully diverse. Our butterfly consists of black, white, brown and many shades and tints in between. Some eat sashimi for breakfast, others like eggs benedict for lunch. Some prefer Giuseppe Zanotti for their shoe style, others prefer a pair of Chuck Taylors for their comfort. Yet we refuse to embrace that which makes us individuals. Instead, we constantly sting each other like vengeful wasps. Our diversity is what tears us apart.

We neglect respect and compassion simply to maintain power. We are so fearful of losing individual power that we don’t realize the power that we could have if we worked together for the greater purpose. America, once the utopia of liberty. Yet here we are, enslaved to the almighty dollar; all because of the power that we have given it. We want to tell our citizens what God to worship, what gender to love, and what flag to fly. We are in control of no one but ourselves. We were founded on individualism and separation of overall power.

So many are afraid of speaking about the controversial issues we face today, such race, religion, politics, sexuality, and civil rights. We’d rather be silent in our own comfort rather than make noise to inspire communal peace. We will not be able to maintain a community without communication. Communication sparks change. America is evolving, as is the world. Let it FLOW! The inevitable cannot be defeated. It’ll always prevail.

People with individual identities and personalities are not meant to be put into a box. We humans create these boxes to maintain control of the situation. Have you ever thought as to why do we want so much control? Let the land be free! We are Americans! Beauties of all kinds, creeds, colors, and genders mixed up in one place. Yet we fail. We don’t acknowledge our brothers. This is our home. Like it or not, the person standing next to you is always going to be your brother or sister. You have a responsibility to respect, love, and maintain harmony. If you don’t, the entire home becomes disruptive. Balance is key. You don’t have to like anyone in this world, but you must show respect!

The children of this generation are being raised by television and media personalities. We aren’t celebrating individuality and the children are finding their own identity within the brand of the individuals they’re following, not the person they are. They are blind to the fact that these public figures are brands that are no different than the Walmart up the street or the Coke product in the average refrigerator. We must unite to be able to create a solid village for the upcoming generations.

We’ve allowed the government to enable us so much to the point that we’ve become handicapped. We’ve been conditioned to think that we have to be rescued, coddled, and told what to do. The government is a system of individuals who have their own problems they go home to, which are much bigger than their jobs. We put too much trust in other humans instead of standing up and taking ownership of our own situations. We look at the next individual and get offended if they don’t want to participate with us. We find it hard to acknowledge the differences of cultural experience in a place where we all live.

America, wake up! We are the leaders of this planet. Everyone watches us to see what moves we’re going to make. We possess superpowers, yet we continually push generic and manufactured success. Wake up, America! The home front needs commitment and passion. The passion of the forefathers has been excavated. Now the only thing that we are concerned about is not pissing on our colleague’s shoes. The politics are in the way of our harmony.

Let’s work together, flow and be beautiful. We owe it to ourselves and our future history.

This is the new America.

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