17 Life Lessons Only The Best Of Friends Can Teach You In Your Twenties


Becoming a young adult means you feel like you can take your own advice, but you find it hard to listen to the wisdom of people who love you. Although pain is temporary, words stick forever. Words can be your friends even when it feels like the people spewing them out are being insensitive in your time of need. Being a good friend doesn’t mean you have a constant life coach on your hands, but you’d probably save thousands of dollars by treating them like one.

1. You can’t force anyone to like or love you.

2. Never feel like you have to apologize for your feelings.

3. You can’t rely on another person to be your only source of happiness.

4. People will shut you out if they can’t understand their own insecurities.

5. Self-care if more important than pleasing everyone else.

6. Sometimes we make plans for the future, but we’re too excited for them that we don’t think of their consequences.

7. If one single person is causing you so much pain, then you have to realize being accepted by them isn’t worth the turmoil.

8. Stay away from people who say they will change but remain the same.

9. People are just people. We shouldn’t be afraid of them.

10. Two really good friends are better than twenty mediocre ones.

11. Not everyone is as cool as they seem on social media.

12. Don’t fall in love with memories – be conscious of the person right in front of you.

13. Being selfish shouldn’t be a priority but sometimes it helps you in the long run.

14. Being a young adult means knowing how to make your own decisions, but it also means that you keep an ear open for advice.

15. If someone does you wrong, don’t think negative thoughts about them because karma will come looking for you instead.

16. Your talents aren’t less valuable just because they won’t land you a career.

17. Comparing yourself to other people will make your individualism vanish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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