Spinal Vinyl: A Love Letter To The Album

Hello nasty,

What’s going on
Are you experienced?
Let’s get it on; blonde on blonde

The chronic jagged little pill
Daydream nation
Rumours murmur, make yourself

Help! Rocket to Russia— Yoshimi battles the pink robots
Power in numbers, boys don’t cry, brothers in arms

Ready to die kid a loaded revolver
A rush of blood to the head
Thriller, hysteria

Blood on the tracks
Let it bleed
Let it be physical graffiti

Damn the torpedoes— Stand!
Rage against the machine, ghost in the machine
Master of puppets

Imagine houses of holy… the doors, the wall
Is this it, the end of innocence
Who’s next

Siamese dream
Surrealistic pillow, innervisions
Strange days stop making sense

Like a prayer
Time out of mind
Boy so alive

By the way, kind of blue, wish you were here,

Tommy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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