It’s Okay To Keep Secrets

Some things were never meant to see the light of day again. Some closets should never be cleaned. Some skeletons should stay buried. Everything that has ever happened does not have to be shared with everyone. Ignorance can indeed be bliss. The world would be in complete disarray if everybody knew the truth about everything. That’s why secrets were meant to be kept.

A secret is defined as something that is kept unknown or unseen. It says it right there in the definition. It can’t be a secret it if someone knows about it. If your friend shares a secret with you, you shouldn’t share that secret with anybody else. It’s understood that the right thing to do is to not share other people’s secrets, so why can’t that go for yourself as well? Why is it so bad to keep your own secrets? Why should you have to feel guilty or anxious about it? You don’t and you shouldn’t.

Its okay to keep secrets. Remember that time something so embarrassing happened that you couldn’t bear to tell a soul? How did you protect yourself from that embarrassment? By keeping it a secret. Imagine how horrible the quality of life would be if you had to share every little embarrassing detail with everyone. You’d be anxious at the thought of everyone having to know every little mishap and hiccup you’ve ever had. Oh, the shame you’d feel knowing that everyone knows all your flaws. Thankfully, it is okay to keep our own shortcomings to ourselves.

A lot of people feel like if you’re not forthcoming about everything with them, you are not authentic. A significant other will especially feel this way. However, keeping secrets does not take away from your authenticity. If the secret being kept isn’t harmful, it is fine to let it remain a secret. If the secret isn’t a lie, then there is nothing inauthentic about keeping that secret. You are not a bad person or less of a person because you don’t share something with someone. Secrets were meant to be kept, and you can do just that without the guilt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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