Read This If You’re A College Senior Lost In The Idea Of Graduation

Twenty20 / kimweeebol
Twenty20 / kimweeebol

For those that feel lost in the idea of graduation. The ones that aren’t so sure they chose the right major, the right friends, the right path. But here you are.

Graduation is right around the corner, and you aren’t quite ready. You don’t think you will ever be. And maybe you fight between being unsure and unready to believing you have everything figured out.

You are stable and in control. Your job is neatly lined up from early recruiting, and everyone is proud of you.

Are you proud of you? Are you doing everything that you ever hoped you would?

Because I found myself here. I mean, I find myself here.

I’m a senior in college, and I don’t have everything figured out. I’m learning that this is okay. I know half of the people that tell me their graduation plans, don’t sound extremely excited or thrilled about it. That I want to sound excited and thrilled about it.

If you asked me 5 months ago, I would say I pretty much had my whole life planned out. A very safe, stable, and potentially boring life, but I was in control nonetheless. I was that girl who could tell you my next five years, and now I can’t really tell you my next few months.

And today, I can be vulnerable and share with people that I don’t have it all figured out. Honestly, I don’t really want to let my ideas die out and my dreams fade away. Because I am a curious being, and I know how much I would let myself down if I didn’t do everything possible to explore this world.

For the rest of my time at school, I have changed my goals from getting good grades to learning. Learning a lot, and it sounds counterintuitive. I can tell you I find majority of my knowledge from outside of the classroom. I realized how much time I spent assuming that I would get that from school, but in reality you get much of it from yourself and creating. Not from doing a homework assignment that doesn’t reflect much of anything in the real world.

I want to be proud of myself, my impact. Whatever that may be, maybe isn’t up to me.

Maybe the universe has already drawn out my path, and this is my pull. This is my push to become who I was supposed to be.

And I’m allowing it to pull me. To take me to the unknown, the scary. I want to feel life for everything that it offers. I don’t want to lose myself in playing it safe.

You are something special. And I know this, because you are one out of 400 trillion chances of being here. Of existing.

You could be reading this for your pull. Do you feel that energy? The words allowing you to draw into yourself, urging you to release the tension of believing you have it all figured out.

If your soul is being drawn somewhere other than where you are, go with it. Allow it to take you to all the places you need to go, not always where you want to.

Trust your intuition.

Because the time on this earth isn’t limitless, but we can live as if we are. It’s okay to question yourself, to not have it all figured out. Curiosity is an inspiring notion, start exploring yourself. Lean in to your life’s intentions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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