18 Golden Pieces Of Life Advice That Will Get You Through College

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1. No matter what anybody tells you, this is your life so do as you want and fuck everybody else.

2. Nobody will believe you, whether you tell them the truth or you lie — so it’s best to just keep your mouth shut if you want to stay out of drama.

3. Get out of that comfort zone you thought you could stay in forever. Believe me, if you don’t get out, you will NOT have a life in college or elsewhere. (Spoken from someone who just stopped living in her comfort zone.)

4. Make friends with people who are going to college for the same thing you are going for. This is because no matter how stressed you are about that website you had to code that was due yesterday or that bio exam you didn’t take because you overslept, you will always have someone who feels your pain 100%, who you can vent to, because they are in the same exact boat as you.

5. Get a laptop, a good one, and cherish that shit. Every time someone said, “I don’t need a laptop, I have my phone, that’s close enough,” each one of them showed up next semester with a laptop. (Told them so.)

6. No matter how much you absolutely HATE your part-time job, go there and make as much money as you can because, believe it or not, you will ALWAYS need money, and at the end of the month you will still have no idea where it all went.

7. Boys are getting more mature now, even if they don’t seem like it, so give it a chance. Also, if you like him, chances are he likes you back.

8. Make a playlist of your favorite songs, an hour or two long, and when you get too overwhelmed or stressed, lay down in your bed put that shit on and get happy.

9. Best friends from high school don’t stay your best friend. It’s like survival of the fittest. If it’s not their way, it’s the highway — and you shouldn’t deal with that. Focus on yourself instead.

10. No matter how much you can’t stand your parents, they will be your rock. Trust them, they have been through the exact same thing you are going through.

11. Being 18 does not mean you’re an adult, there are millions of things you still cannot do until you’re older.

12. Make time for yourself. Take an hour or two every day to do something you love like watching videos, reading, writing, playing football — anything for your enjoyment.

13. Relationships are hard and you don’t need to invest energy in any of them if they cause you pain, even if at one point you loved the person.

14. Don’t limit your happiness due to other people.

15. Put your best foot forward and push with all your heart, so you can succeed with what you want to in life.

16. Spend time and surround yourself with people who support all your passions and decisions.

17. Get a pet that will cuddle you when you’re sad. Let it be your pillow, blanket, and everything you need for comfort.

18. Enjoy life. You only get one. Live it how you want to and don’t let anybody stop you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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