How My Best Friend Saved My Life

Now I don’t like sympathy or playing the relentless game of “my life sucks more than yours does,” but it hasn’t been easy. I’m only nineteen, but I’ve been through some pretty heavy stuff. Growing up without a mother figure was always hard; but really hit home in high school when all anyone talked about was prom, boys, and how to obtain, and maintain, the “fleekest” eyebrows.

Who was going to teach me how to pluck? Who was going to take my prom pictures? Who was going to listen to me cry over that stupid boy or that stupid test score? I was young, and I was lost.

I think people have the idea that “everything happens for a reason” engraved in their minds because it’s comforting to think that your ex-boyfriend breaking your heart and leaving you crying on the side of the road was supposed to happen like that because yeah, you’re sad, but you’re going to meet your Prince Charming and everything’s going to be fine because everything happens for a reason!!! Right? Wrong. It’s just easier to think that than to realize that sometimes there is no reason. Your life doesn’t suck because you accidentally took that Chapstick from Target when you were four. Your boyfriend didn’t break up with you because you’re going to meet “the one” soon. Repeat after me: sometimes there just isn’t a reason. The red-hot truth is, life is crazy. It just happens. You can map out your entire life from A to Z with a blueprint but it will never work out that way. Because life is all sorts of unpredictable.

But I do believe there’s a reason I met her.

She’s the one I called when I was a blubbering mess, post break up, on the side of the road.

She’s the one who made me laugh so hard when she fell walking down the hallway in her heels in the ninth grade.

She’s the one whose family welcomed me with arms wide open after the divorce that rocked my world.

She’s the one who has my Chipotle order memorized.

She’s the one who has listened to me sob over the same boy a thousand times and never tells me that I’m being ridiculous.

She’s the one who made sure we ate an Extreme Warhead every hour on our road trip.

She’s the one who will take spontaneous food runs with me.

I’ve always made it clear that I’m unsure if soulmates exist. I think everyone has some sort of potential in your life, but humans have the capability to fall in love so many times, with so many people. Our hearts have unlimited space.
But the thing is, I did meet my soulmate. And she saved my life in ways she knows, and others she can’t begin to comprehend. She has stood by me in joyous times and times as dark as the night sky. I love this girl like she’s my sister, I love her family like they’re my own, and I trust them with my life.

Abbey, you are something special. Thank you for saving me. Jamocha shake? Jamocha shake.

Ps, I’m still sorry I gave you the stomach flu three Christmases ago. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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