We Need To Embrace These Beautiful Gifts We’ve Been Given


I am captivated by human catharsis. How beautiful it is to find something you can pour your soul into, and then, more importantly, to give yourself permission to surrender to that something. To do it for you, for your peace of mind, for your emotional release, for your personal growth. You can do this with any gifts you have, and every single one of us has them. As long as that gorgeous spirit of yours spouts from the very skin it lives in, you are doing the right thing.

I watch closely as your hesitance becomes zeal, as your overthinking lessens, letting your heart take the lead. The moment you step out of your comfort zone, I begin to hear your limbs stretching, your bones creaking like hardwood, your back arching, your heart pumping, and I almost pity you. I wince as each convulsion and cataclysm escapes from you. Then I realize, it is not your core that is rupturing, but rather the shell that has harbored your deepest self for so long, the shell that has kept others at bay, the shell that has clothed your raw emotion and shadowed your labyrinth of light.

You have always fostered trepidation over exposing your true self, ashamed of the long list of iniquities stored in the back of your mind, but you could not foresee that when the light hit this soul inside you, the glimmers of love, of compassion, of spirit and truth would illuminate. You could never know your own light because you had not set it free into the darkness around you.

But I watched you as you did just that. And that’s when I realized that you were only breaking because you were breaking free. And I wanted to emulate that kind of bravery and expose those same raw feelings. So I did. Writing this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Someone who does things she’s afraid of constantly. Like writing and sharing that writing.

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