10 Unofficial Rules To Follow When It Comes To Love And Dating


1. You can’t find it, it finds you (so stop looking)

If you go looking for it you’ll find something that fits the bill, not the real deal. You’ll cut corners, you’ll sacrifice and when it comes to love that’s just not okay. Have your fun and keep your heart open. Let love come to you.

2. Keep the one that makes you laugh

You’ll never get bored of the person who makes you giggle till you pee. Laughter makes the heart happy and it’s so important in a relationship. You want to be with your best friend, so start cracking those jokes.

3. Kiss ’em just because

There is nothing better than passion. A kiss, just because, makes the heart feel full and reminds that person you love them. Pucker up!

4. Talk about EVERYTHING (yes I mean everything)

Honest, open communication is the MOST important thing in a relationship. If you can’t talk to your significant other about everything then either start now, or give up. There’s no need for lies if you have that openness in your relationship. It could be the reason your relationship lasts through thick and thin. Just be honest, every day in every way.

5. Have sex

Yup. This one’s pretty straight forward ladies and gentlemen. Sexual passion is a huge part of a relationship. Make love to each other, get a little risky, have some fun. I know schedules get in the way, but make time! It’ll keep your relationship healthy and fun and also it uh feels great, duh!

6. Surprise each other

Nothing says I love you like a little spur of the moment surprise. Leave little notes for them in the morning, take them out for a date night, or flowers just because. You catching on yet?

7. Fight it out

This plays into number 4. Sometimes you get pissed. Oh welllllll. If you talk about it, even yell a little, you’ll get over the hump and won’t have to go back to it. If you keep your mouth shut those pot holes will start popping up everywhere and eventually you’ll get a flat. Do it when it happens. Don’t hold it in.

8. Take a quick breath before you blurt

Before you say something to hurt your significant other, take a 5 second thought on how this will feel to them. It can save you from a lot of fights or disagreements. When tensions get tough think about “how would it feel if I was him/her hearing this right now”.

9. Find your “thing”

For us it’s bowling. We go bowling every Monday and have a freaking blast! Find something you can do with your other half that is fun and mixes up the scenery. Whether it’s cheering on your favorite team, or your favorite bar, find your thing.

10. Find your person

Finally, never ever settle! Find the one that was made for you. Find that person who makes you smile the same way they did the first day you met them. Find your best friend, find your person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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