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Your Body Is Enough

You’ve been misled for so many years to believe that your body is imperfect, flawed, and unworthy of love, but I’m here to remind you that your worth is not defined by your body.

You are not wrong for believing that your imperfections are an intricate perfection; social media is wrong for telling you that they are not.

For years, you’ve believed that there is something wrong with your body. You’ve believed that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not curvy enough, when in reality, the only thing that has been wrong is social media’s unrealistic expectations of your body.

Everyone’s still learning to accept their bodies and embrace them as they truly are in their natural, raw, and unfiltered form. Everyone’s body tells a different story, and everyone’s body goes through different struggles, some of which we will never truly understand. From curves to folds, wrinkles, acne, cellulite, weight loss and gain, scars, and imperfections, our bodies tell stories of resilience, strength, struggle, and perseverance. And above all, our bodies tell stories of victory.

So the next time you scroll past images or videos on social media of flawless models, influencers, or athletes and think negatively of yourself, remember that every body has a story of its own. Everyone is battling different struggles, both internally and externally, and we are all working towards the same goal, unconditionally and unapologetically loving ourselves.

I encourage you to challenge your thoughts the next time you think something negatively about your body. Challenge the words you say to yourself the same way that you’d challenge the hurtful words that somebody else would say to you.

The only way we’ll change the way that other people look at their bodies, is by changing the way that WE look at our own bodies. And by changing the way we talk to our bodies, look at our bodies, and compare our bodies to others’, we’ll make it easier for others to unconditionally and unapologetically accept their own, too.

Repeat after me:

I am enough to forgive myself for mistreating my body for so long.

I am enough to be loved.

I am enough to heal myself.

I am enough to love myself.

If you needed a sign today, this is it.

Your body is enough.

Counsellor | Anxiety Coach | Creative Writer

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