Darling, Nothing Compares To You

Let go of whatever and whoever hurt you. Choose to heal, choose to recover, choose happiness. You are NOT defined by the failures of your past, the people that hurt you, or the mistakes that you’ve made. You are not defined by the missed opportunities that you gave up because you were anxiously waiting for something better to arrive, that never did. You are not defined by your imperfections, insecurities, and inadequacies; they are what make you who you are, and darling, nothing compares to you.

You are more than just the continuously contemptuous demons inside your head screaming for a way out; you are more than just the insolent internal hurricanes of your self-collapsing mind and the emptiness inside your tender soul ceaselessly craving for something “more”.

You ARE allowed to feel lost, broken, and apprehensive. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to feel sad and not understand why, but you do not have to sit with your damage and make a home out of it.

Do not forget the person that you were, as it is because of those inconspicuous versions of yourself that you have grown into the resilient, daring warrior that you are today. Remember the things that once made you crave so deeply for the briefest taste, yet stung with irremediable sharp pain when you got too close.

Remember your young, naïve heart and how it felt to dive head first into the waters of the unknown to love so deeply and live so avidly without limitations. Remember each and every version of yourself that you used to be and remind yourself that without all of your faults, setbacks, and failures, you’d never be half the person that you are today.

Your past does not define your future, your scars do not determine your worth, your failures do not border your undying potential—they make you dauntless and undeniably sagacious.

You are not a tormenting weed amongst perpetual beauty, you are a winter wildflower waiting patiently to blossom when the sun reaches your roots and proclaims your time to flourish. Eclipse your hindrances, unshackle the chains of your reservations, and set free your fearlessness.

Be you—unfiltered, raw, and vulnerable.

Counsellor | Anxiety Coach | Creative Writer

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