You Get To Decide Whether You Succeed In Life Or Not

What is the limiting factor in your life? What is the main reason why you can’t live the lifestyle you want?

The answer is something that you do not want to hear. Simply put, the limiting factor in your life is you.

It’s the way you dream and set goals.

Every person has two sides to them. You have a winner side and you have a loser side. The winner in you is up for risks. They get up and fight every day to make sure you become something better than you were yesterday.

The loser in you only thinks of safety and security. They make sure that you think with the mentality of “just getting by.” This way of thinking is why most people never succeed in life. It’s why most people will find that they are stuck in a career and a life they never wanted in the first place.

You get up every morning and decide. It may be subconsciously, but you decide which side dominates.

You decide if you are going to be talking yourself into your dreams or walking yourself right on out of them.

It’s easy to discourage yourself and say that you don’t have the ability to keep going, to handle disappointments.

It’s easy to place blame on other people for being the reason that you are stuck.

But I’m telling you that if you dream big, set goals, and never lose sight of the vision of where you’re going, you will end up succeeding.

You will end up with the life you have always envisioned yourself having.

You are not fighting the world; you are fighting that part of you that says “You can’t do that. Don’t do that.”

So I urge you to never dream small and never give up on that life you want, because all caterpillars make cocoons before becoming butterflies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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