The First 10 Seconds Our Souls Met

Legends say that before your soul ever enters your body, it’s given 10 seconds to gather as much information as possible to lead you down the right path. Ten seconds to grab ahold of your future accomplishments, failures, loves, and heartbreaks. Ten seconds to secure a lifetime worth of déjà vu moments. I was given 10 seconds to recognize key moments in my life.

My soul was given a mere 10 seconds to recognize yours.

During the first second our hands touched, and I saw you. I saw every detail in your face. I saw the place where the dimples would form every time you would smile in my direction. I saw the place where the wrinkles would lie every time I caught you in mid-thought. I saw every glisten and spark your eyes would make when you would laugh. I saw you, and you were perfect.

Second two and three came, and I saw our auras colliding. I saw the beautiful colors our souls would make. I saw the ripples in our destinies and felt the shivers deep within my nerves.

Second four and five, I saw you lean in to kiss me. I saw the way one hand would caress my back and the way the other would lightly touch my cheek. I saw the way our lips would barely meet, and I felt the spark that immediately came afterwards.

Second six and seven, I saw our first night together. I saw the place where we would lie and whisper love songs. I saw the way your hand would gently trace my body up and down, and I saw the way you would gently kiss every imperfection. I saw the way you would look at me afterwards. I saw the love you would feel for me.

Second eight and nine came tumbling in and I saw us fighting. I saw the face that I grew to love form into something unimaginable. I saw the smile I grew to cherish be replaced with a firm line. I saw my trembling body every time you made me cry, and I saw the doubt form in my head every time you lied. I saw every time you would leave and every time I would fight harder for you. I saw us breaking.

Second 10 came, and even though I witnessed our relationship cracking, us crumbling, I saw beauty. I saw a sky filled with endless deep sunsets. I saw a meadow that would flow as fluidly as the ocean. I saw every dollop of pigment in every heavenly kissed flower. I saw me. I saw the person I would become. I saw the beauty and wonder my life would hold. I saw me move on. And in that last second, and only then, I truly saw my own happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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