Read This When You Feel Like You Don’t Recognize Yourself Anymore

The truth is it’s not a simple thing to say that most days you don’t recognize the person that you’ve become, that when you look in a mirror there’s a stranger staring back. It’s not an easy thing to know that you’re not anything like you used to be. That people have taken more than you’ve let them. That you’ve gotten so caught up in life, that you’ve let yourself slip through the door.

It’s not an easy thing to realize that the person you’ve come to know is not you.

But the important thing to understand is that you’ve noticed this. You’ve seen it in the way you look at yourself, the way you criticize every imperfection and curve. You’ve heard it in the way your tone has changed, when your laugh is no longer present. You’ve felt it in the way you heart has clenched every time happiness has slipped through your fingers.

And I know that if you are being completely honest with yourself, you would go back. You would rewind time and go back to the person you were before. Before the heartaches, before the doubt, before the insecurities started. You would find some way to leave the person that you’ve become.

And I don’t blame you.

But here’s the thing: God bless the you that you’ve become. Bless the mess that you see. Bless the storms in your heart. Bless the you that you’re not supposed to be. Bless it all and keep going.

Keep walking until the winds that torment your mind cease. Keep growing until the mess that has consumed your soul blossoms into the unkempt garden that it was destined to become.

Just keep going, because I promise you that one day you will wake up and all you will feel for yourself will be an intense love. I promise you that the road to happiness was always supposed to be riddled with uncertainty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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