Here’s How You’ll Know It’s Time To Move On

The truth is, I think you will always know when to move on, when to walk away. You will always know when something isn’t for you. I think you will always feel a sense of urgency rushing through your veins, pushing you to leave.

It will start as an annoying itch at the base of your neck, slowly working its way down your spine. Then you’ll feel it sit on your chest, making it harder to breathe the air in the place you settled. And finally, you’ll feel it linger in your mind, like an annoying clock going off every five minutes.

The truth is, you will always know when to stop fighting, when to put down your gloves and call a truce. You will always know when your heart has endured enough hardships. You will always know, even when you try and fight it, even when you persuade yourself to keep walking in the same direction. I promise you, you will always know when something isn’t for you.

And when you do get that rush, that feeling telling you to go somewhere else, do not shy away from it. Do not try to fight it. Because I promise you, it will grow with persistence. That feeling will never go away. Instead, it’ll find other ways to speak to you. The Universe will use circumstances in your everyday life to make sure it’s being heard. And when it does, you need to understand that this does not make you a failure. This does not determine your worth. This was a blessing sent from God, a message that demands your soul to never settle, to always keep placing one foot in front of the other.

In the end, I think you will always know the answer to the question your soul whispered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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