For The People Who Can’t Stop Running

To the one that runs:

I hope you find your light. I hope you catch the wind that’s calling your name. I hope you find everything your soul is calling for.

I pray that as you run, you feel the pounding in your heart, that you let that feeling guide you to your next destination. I pray that as you draw in each refreshing breath, you exhale every toxic thing in your life, that you leave behind the ugly world you were living in. I pray that as you blink, you let go of every memory that has wounded you, that you let the devastation fall as tears on your cheeks.

I hope you learn that it’s okay to put your faith into something that’s not tangible. I hope you figure out that it’s a profound gift to be able to see a light in a hole of darkness. I hope you realize that the world is wide open, that it speaks to limitless potential.

I pray that with every unhealthy footstep you leave behind, you replace it with a healthier one, a healthier version of you. I pray that with the desire to release every fading memory, you find the courage to keep them, for they are the foundation of your soul—your being. I pray that with every passing stone, that with every passing heartbeat, that you never feel the need to rest—that you always feel the need to keep the air rushing into you.

I hope you figure out your heart and your mind, for they are both beautiful creations. I hope you learn that it’s okay to not be okay all the time, that it’s okay to fall and bleed. I hope you grow to accept the person that you were, and most of all I hope you grow to love the person that you are becoming.

I pray that when you run, you run for the right reasons.

But most of all, I pray that you never stop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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