Read This When You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Good Enough

You are enough exactly as you are. You are enough when society tells you you’re not. You are enough when you don’t resemble the types of people portrayed across social media. You are enough if you are wearing makeup or if you’re not. You are enough if your wardrobe is high fashion or budget conscious. You are enough when you are not living the same lifestyle as the people you know.

You are enough if your thighs rub against each other or if they don’t. You are enough when you feel your arms flapping in the wind as you wave. You are enough no matter what number you see on the scale. Your body is working hard to keep you alive and it never stops. You are enough no matter what your body looks like in a swimsuit. You are enough regardless of whether or not you lost the baby weight. You are enough when you’re bloated after eating endless baskets of chips and salsa.

You are enough regardless of your relationship status. You are enough whether you are married or divorced. You are enough whether you did it traditionally or not. Your family is enough even if it isn’t society’s definition of “normal”. You are enough if you can have children or if you can’t. You are enough if you decide not to have any at all. You are enough if you’re life looks perfect to everyone else but you decide it’s not the life for you. You are allowed to make a change to turn it into the life you want. You are allowed to live the life you want to live regardless of others opinions.

You are enough regardless of your age and the level of success you’ve achieved. You haven’t “aged out” of love, success, happiness, or joy simply because you’ve reached a certain age. You are enough regardless of where you are on the career ladder. You are enough regardless if your material possessions are few or many.

You are enough even when the people closest to you are critical of you. You are enough when you are too sensitive. You are enough when you display too many emotions. You are enough when you choose the road less traveled. You are enough when you are cranky, sleep deprived, and stressed out. You are enough when you are at your worst. You are enough when people don’t understand the choices you are making. It will never be your responsibility to make others comfortable with your choices. Only you can define yourself and your future.

What if we started believing we are enough just the way we are? Think about how many products you use on a daily basis simply to make yourself “better” in some way. Most of them are unnecessary. We buy them because of marketing gimmicks that convince us we need to be better. We buy into the belief that we have to change ourselves in order to be accepted. We make excuses for ourselves based on these beliefs. We think maybe our marriage would be better if we were more attractive. Our clothes would look better if we ate less and worked-out more. We would be more interesting if we staged better Instagram photos.

It’s all a plot to make us hate ourselves and generate money for industries whose whole livelihoods depend on us hating ourselves. It’s a lie. These beliefs are pumped into us at such a young age they become part of how our brains actually think. We are unable to see ourselves aside from what we’ve been told we have to be in order to be perfect. Imagine how happy we would all be if we learned to start loving ourselves exactly as we are? If we stopped believing the lies others tell us about ourselves? If our focus was simply on doing our very best every single day, regardless of how our best selves compare to others?

What if we only started surrounding ourselves with people who accept us and cherish us exactly as we are? If we refused to tolerate anyone in our lives who are constantly critical and judgmental? If we stopped beating ourselves up when a relationship falls apart and we stopped believing it must be because we weren’t good enough in some way? There is nothing wrong with you because of how someone else chooses to see you. We are all a myriad of complex personality traits, physical appearances, and emotions.

How a person chooses to view you says more about them than you. None of us are flawless human beings and we never will be.

Please believe you are absolutely enough, no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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