30 Beautiful Things I’ve Finally Learned About Life By 30

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1. Your life cannot be planned. There is no timeline or milestone chart which governs your life. You think you have everything figured, but life can change in a moment.

2. Happy moments make the miserable moments bearable. Miserable moments make the happier moments even sweeter.

3. You will never be able to control how other people perceive you. Worrying about what others think of you is the biggest energy drain and waste of time.

4. You are the only person who has to live with your decisions. As long as you know you’ve done your best, you’ve done enough. Remember though that you share your life with those who love you, so be considerate of them as well.

5. You must always have faith in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

6. Worrying will rob you of your inner peace. As hard as it is not to worry, you have to actively resolve that you will try to stop worrying yourself to death.

7. Take the serious things in life seriously, and never take the trivial things seriously.

8. Never hesitate to tell people you love them. You think you’ll always have time, but time is never promised.

9. Never let how someone else treats you determine how you treat them. Always stay true to yourself and your values. Remember who you are.

10. You will lose people along the way and it will kill you inside. Life will somehow still manage to move you forward.

11. You will find people along the way who will help you in ways you never dreamed possible. Cherish these people. They are rare.

12. Friends will come and go. Don’t take it personally. You will always recognize the ones who will forever be by your side.

13. Everyone does not share your personal values or ethics. People will do things that you could never imagine doing to someone else in a million years. Don’t waste time being angry about it, simply be happy you live your life by a higher standard.

14. Stop holding on to words. People will always reveal themselves through their actions. Always.

15. Love will come to you in many different ways. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. It will catch you by surprise and sometimes you’ll see it coming. It won’t always be in the form of romance, but it is always there.

16. You should never have to change yourself for a partner. The right partner will accept your flaws, just as you have accepted theirs. If someone is constantly trying to change you, leave.

17. Your physical appearance does not define you. Don’t waste years of your life obsessing over how you look. You will still age like everyone else and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

18. Do the best you can, whenever you can. Some days you will be at 10%, others 100%. You can only do what you can do.

19. People are generally good. Strangers will help you when you least expect it. Not everyone will always be good to you, but for the most part, believe in the goodness of others.

20. Life is not a competition. Never make major life-altering decisions based on what society thinks you should or shouldn’t do by a certain age.

21. You don’t have to keep toxic people in your life for any reason whatsoever. Yes, this even includes family. Emotional and physical abuse is never excusable under any circumstances.

22. Enjoy life’s indulgences, but take care of yourself, too. A healthy body means a healthy life. Everything in moderation.

23. No one has everything figured out. The people who preach at you the loudest, are the ones suffering from the greatest insecurities. No one is necessarily more right or more wrong when it comes to their opinions. It’s all subjective based on your worldview.

24. The greatest joys in your life will come from the things you never saw coming. Embrace change.

25. You will never regret traveling. People take their health for granted all too often. Travel while you are young and healthy. It will change the way you see people and the world.

26. If you wait for certain things to happen in your life before you do something, you’ll be waiting forever. There is no perfect time to do anything. You have to take the leap.

27. Don’t stay in a crappy job that makes you miserable every single day. Your working years are the longest of your lifespan. Building a life you enjoy is most important.

28. Stay in a crappy job if it’s the only way you can pay your bills, but spend every ounce of your free time figuring out how to make a change.

29. Aging is a gift denied to many, appreciate it.

30. There is no milestone that you must reach by age 30. Embrace what your 20s have taught you and look forward to what lies ahead in your 30s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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