10 Signs You’re Addicted To Drama

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don’t like drama. It just seems to find you. But it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror, hun.
Mean Girls
Mean Girls

1. You frequently find yourself involved in other people’s arguments that have literally nothing to do with you.

Yeah, I know, you’re just “concerned.” You just want everyone to get along, so you think it’s best to insert yourself where you don’t belong. Don’t. It’s not your business.

2. You like knowing everything that’s going on with everyone, and being the one to share that news with others.

Celebrity gossip, family issues, relationship drama, and political scandal…you’ve heard and spread it all.

3. You don’t consider yourself a violent person, but if someone “crosses a line”, you’re the first to threaten a fight.

Your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend answered the phone when you drunk-dialed him? Oh, she better watch out. You’ll kill her. And how dare she ask who you are? Who does she think she is anyway?

4. Silence freaks you out.

“Why is it so quiet in here? It’s WAY too quiet. Something must be wrong. What’s going on? Somebody please tell me!”

5. You struggle with commitment.

You’d like to settle down eventually, but everyone is just so insane. You just want to have fun right now. Why doesn’t anyone understand that you can’t be tied down? And when you think you’ve found someone you could see yourself with, your attitude toward them fluctuates. You hate them one day and love them the next…then you’re right back to wishing they were dead.

6. You change jobs frequently.

You’re a hard worker, but you’re not going to be told what to do all the time. You’re not a slave. You’re a person, and if your manager can’t respect that well then there are plenty of other jobs out there for you.

7. You’re constantly complaining about all the drama in your life, but you’re secretly glad.

It’s a power trip, a natural high to have so much going on all the time. But oh, yes it’s just so exhausting. Can’t everybody just chill out? No? Okay, I guess that’s fine. You like being involved. It makes you feel needed.

8. You talk about the past. A LOT. 

There’s just so much you can’t seem to move on from. Like that one person you thought was THE ONE. You’re always trying to get that person back. Or that other person, the one who keeps popping in and out of your life. That must mean something, right? And you’ve just been through so much…no wonder your life seems so messed up. How are you supposed to recover from such a torturous history?

9. You make little things a big issue.

If the single mother who lives downstairs asks you to please keep it down, you’re going to stomp on the floors and blast music because she doesn’t know your life. How dare she tell you what to do! And if your roommates ask you to please clean up after yourself, you’re going to make sure there’s a big ol’ mess for them to clean because they haven’t seen messy yet. And if there’s a knock on your wall in the middle of the night, you’re obviously being possessed by demons. You better get yourself some Holy Water.

10. You feel like nobody understands you. Ever.

Oh my gosh, you’re so misunderstood. And it has nothing to do with you changing your mind about everything all the time. People just don’t get you. You’re just too unique.

If you identify with any of these statements, you should probably take a moment to sit with yourself. A drama-obsession points to an unwillingness (whether conscious or not) to deal with one’s own issues. Distance yourself from the drama, and get real with yourself. You can beat this addiction. I believe in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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