10 Beautiful Moments That Make You Feel Infinite

Felix Russell-Saw
Felix Russell-Saw

Thank you, Perks of Being a Wallflower, for so aptly describing the feeling of deep happiness and excitement within the soul. Perhaps if we just stop for a while and appreciate things other than getting 100 likes on our profile picture, we can start to feel a bit happier in our daily lives. So here goes:

Listening to your favorite song for the first time.

I cannot imagine a better feeling in the world than wanting to dance or smile or jump up with joy because of music. Granted, after listening to that song 100 times over the next week might counter this feeling.

An honest conversation.

Being able to truly converse with someone who genuinely listens, is something to be treasured.


The sky, trees, the clouds, the ocean, the mountain, the grass, the birds, the sand between your feet…Have we become blind to these things in pursuit of only capturing the next best Instagram photo? Stop. Breathe. Appreciate.

Food, glorious food.

Biting into that perfect piece of decadent chocolate cake basically trumps everything else in this world.


Remember that time your jaw started paining from laughter, because every time you want to stop, it just keeps coming back? So worth the pain.

True friendship.

Finding that true friend creates a deep sense of belonging. It is so freeing being able to fully be yourself and be accepted. No pretending, just two people that love each another for who they are.

Driving on the road by yourself for the first time.

This one is a bit scary, but being able to drive without any supervision after just getting your license is so freeing. Turn up the music, open the window and hit the accelerator (okay maybe don’t accelerate thaaat much).

Feeling beautiful.

Whether it’s those perfect pair of jeans you just found or your new favourite lip colour, feeling beautiful only for you creates a sense of: “I can take over the world, bitch!”

Thinking about your dreams.

We all have dreams we want to realize. That feeling of possibly obtaining your goal is priceless. The feeling gets even better once you have actually achieved it.


It is the cure for all sorrows. Enough said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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