To The Ex That Wants My Forgiveness, This Is What You Can Do For Me

Priscilla Westra

I always knew there would be a day you would try to come back into my life. The weak, fragile minded woman you turned me into feared for that time to come. Scared because I didn’t know what my reaction would be and how it would cause me to feel.

However, I am no longer that same woman.

That chapter in my life has closed. I have put forth all the damage, pain and agony that our relationship caused me and I have built myself up to be stronger and better than ever before. There will never again be another “us,” and I stand not sorry.

You asked me not to make you go through the remainder of your life with the regret, and my suggestion to you is don’t. Take all the lessons you learned from the toxic person you were and use it to help yourself become a more suitable man.

Change for the better. If you don’t wish to change for yourself, then change for your child so that when she grows up, she doesn’t submit to a man treating her like she saw her daddy treating others.

You wish for me to forgive you. The truth is I forgave you the moment I walked away, but I will not ever lose sight of all the misery you put me through.

I forgave you for myself.

I forgave you because you don’t deserve to cause me to go through life carrying that burden. I deserve happiness – that is why I have forgiven you. If you desire to do something for me, swear to never treat another woman how you treated me.

Use your words to whisper encouragement into her, not to belittle. Use your mind to map out a future for the two of you, not to manipulate. Use your charm to make her fall deeper in love with you each day, not to please other females. Encourage your friends to accept her being a piece of your world now, don’t use them to lie. Use your palms to take hold of hers when she needs comfort, not to lay hands on her. Most importantly, use your soul to love somebody the way they warrant to be loved, not only for your individual benefit.

As you were tearing me down, I was building you up. Through all the misery and trials you gained wisdom by your wrong doings on how you are supposed to love someone. Maybe I was meant to teach you a lesson, and you taught me one too.

You want my forgiveness, carry out this one thing for me. At the start of us, I could’ve never imagined myself encouraging you to love another woman, and now at the end of our chapter that is what I’d like for you to carry out. I wish you to experience love because thanks to you I know one day I will.

The advantage of you breaking me down was how I built myself back up again. You took every single part of me in your hands and shattered all of me. I broke into thousands of tiny pieces, having to reconstruct myself into the woman that I am today. I thank you for that, and I know that one day my future husband will thank you as well.

This is our goodbye. This is your forgiveness. Take it for not only yourself but take it for her as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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