9 Rules To Owning Your Casual Sex ‘Situationship’ Like A Boss

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Everyone finds themselves tangled up in a “Situationship” at least once in their lifetime. I mean come on its 2017. Whether it be a mutual agreement made because neither of you is ready for a relationship, or a one night stand that turned into you both running back for more.

“Situationships” can be beneficial to both parties involved if you play your cards right, but one wrong movement and you will find yourself or your partner playing 52 card pickup with your crushed heart.

Nothing about sex is “casual”. Sex is the most intimate act. Communication is essential, without communication the question is not “if” a disaster will occur, but “when.”

Some people seek a situationship, but usually, It just occurs. You met someone, it leads to sex and suddenly before you are aware of it, you’re in it to win it. Whether it be something thought out, or you encountered one you enjoy having sex with here is rules & tips I suggest to not simply have a fulfilling “Situationship” but to own it like a boss!

● Do NOT under any circumstances allow yourself to enter casual sex with a close friend or somebody you already have any ounce of remote feelings for. You’re only setting yourself up to hurt if you want anything deeper than just sex. Not only will you lose out on good sex that emerged, but you will lose out on having that person in your life.

● You should be comfortable enough to be open and straightforward with your partner, but not on a “come meet my friends, family and pick out a name for my new puppy level.”

● Unless you are discussing the ETA to your house for a DTF text message, organizing on meet-ups, or setting boundaries; talking should remain limited. You both should communicate enough in the beginning stage of the arrangement to know what the other individual desires and/or requires, so unless something changes keep conversations brief and sweet.

● Do NOT cuddle, sleepover, or spend any quality time together. Time spent together should exclusively be when sex is involved. When the deeds finished, it is time to go.

● Protect yourself. If your partner is having casual sex with you, they could have it with numerous partners too. It is always essential to protect yourself but the importance increases with the uncertainty of various sexual partners. No Glove, No Love.

● Experiment. This is the ideal situation to carry out your inner freak. In the bedroom, tell your partner what you desire, what feels good and if they need to move a little to the left side or a little to the right! Also, the dirtier talk the better; extend your vocabulary.

● Do NOT be “friends” on social media with your no-strings-attached partner. If you were friends previously on any social platform, delete them.

● Do keep in mind that your partner is human, and not your personal sex slave. Respect needs to be given.

● If you are able to be satisfied sexually without kissing, I recommend no mouth to mouth contact. Kissing is usually an intimate act you have with a person you have feelings for. Remember you are not having feelings, you are a boss.

As satisfying as a “situationship” can be, it is not for everyone. Either partner can develop feelings at any given time. The minute that any type of emotional feeling is felt, you need to communicate with your partner. If you decide that you want something more express that but be prepared that the other may not want that or feel the same way. You are under no obligation to continue the act of casual sex. There is no commitment between the two of you, you are able to come and go as you please. A situationship is supposed to be pleasing, fun, and light. If you realize it is bringing you down or causing you to feel any feeling other than a positive one, STOP. Otherwise, follow these rules and before you know it you will be owning your “Situationship” like a boss! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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