I Am So Much More Than Just A Pretty Face

Genessa Panainte

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

— Kahlil Gibran

I walk through life, every day, capturing the attention of strangers solely based off of my outside physical characteristics. Noticing my bright green eyes, tan skin, charming smile and a nicely put together physique. Pretty, sexy, gorgeous have been terms used to express me.

As much as I respect the compliments, I am deeper than an image.

There are many individuals who miss the woman I am, the soul I sincerely have. Imagine going into an art gallery, so many lovely articulate paintings overlooked by more loud collaborative paintings. The painting you’ve overlooked is still there, not requesting you to look at or take in, but once you look beyond the image, truly acknowledging the art. There is a beautiful message behind the delusion.

If you fixate on my image, not penetrating beyond my exterior, you miss my value. The beauty is in the message of my soul.

I realized early in life that being pretty is generally more of a burden than a benefit. When meeting people, they grow interested in me because I appeal to their eyes. Being pretty becomes a disturbance, blocking out the ability of others getting to appreciate me for my inner radiance. From everyday situations to important career outcomes such as employment interviews, it astonishes me how much an outside image effects people. Landing a position based on my pretty appearance, not seeing I have the intellect to back it up. I was acknowledged as the cheerleader and not the softball player because I know how to put on lipstick and twirl my hair. The one that offends me the most is being stereotyped as a female without a mind because in civilization today you can’t be both pretty and intelligent.

Pretty is described as attractive in a subtle way without being really beautiful. I don’t even feel the need to comment on that absurd allegation. Pretty has a unique definition to each individual. Everyone sees differently with the eyes. I believe, pretty comes from within.

An attractive physical appearance means nothing if you have an awful heart.

Like the familiar saying goes “What looks good to you, isn’t always good for you”. Pretty is vague, I demand to be recognized and acknowledged as very much more than an expression with such vague context.

Although my face to you may be “pretty”, pretty I am not. I am a genuine beauty. Beautiful from the inner surface of my heart.

I am intellectual, confident, a dream chaser, determined, loving, warm-hearted, devoted, independent. A daughter, a sister, a noble friend, a learner and forever a shoulder to everyone that desires it to lean on.

My advice to every woman out there, you are more than just a pretty face. Realize that, enforce it, and live up to those words every day. “You can be pretty darling, but make it a point to be so much more.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

The girl that never sleeps because her mind is constantly wondering.

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