8 Reasons He’s Worth The Work

New Girl
New Girl

A lot of things in life require work, especially relationships. I’ve had my fair share of failed relationships and some could argue that it’s because we didn’t work hard enough for them. But how do you know whether or not he’s worth the work?

No relationship is perfect, nor should it be. Arguments spark passion between the two of you that make it way more exciting! But the struggle is how do you know who those arguments and fights are worth going through for? I strongly believe the answer lies in the little things that are often overlooked.

1. He appreciates my inner child

He loves the fact I own a collection of Disney movies, that I start decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween, and that I ask to stay in on Saturdays to play board games. He knows this is a signature trait that makes me, me while also serving as an outlet to our rather stressful, adult lives.

2. He knows my coffee order.

He knows that caffeine after noon will keep me up all night. And even though it might be all he drinks in the summer, he knows the thought of iced coffee makes me want to vomit. He knows that even if it doesn’t taste as good, drinking the “skinny” version makes me feel better and anything with “pumpkin” will simply not do. He pays attention to the little things that I like and what I can’t stand. He pays attention to me.

3. He makes simple decisions for me.

Instead of complaining and calling me indecisive when I can’t decide where to go for dinner or what to do on a Friday night, he makes a decision for me because he knows that the place and activity is irrelevant as long as I’m with him. He also understands this is one less thing I need to worry about throughout the day because he knows my mind is a mess anyways.

4. He puts the toilet seat down.

And put his dishes in the dishwasher and throws his beer cans away. Although simple requests, he knows these little things can either drive me crazy or keep me sane. And he chooses the latter, for both of our sakes.

5. He’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

We both make mistakes. We have and will continue to fight, but no matter how big or small, I know he will not let pride stand in the way of our relationship. Although not easy, and maybe not always warranted, he’s not afraid to be the first one to throw in the towel.

6. He doesn’t expect perfection.

All he expects from me and our relationship is love, affection, and respect. He knows my flaws and accepts them. He doesn’t expect nor want any part of me or us to be perfect because he knows the imperfections are what make us special.

7. He’s not afraid of our differences.

He knows we’re different. He quickly realizes our minds and emotions operate completely opposite of each other. Instead of getting frustrated, he wants to understand and learn more. He’s not afraid of our differences but rather embraces them and uses them to make us stronger.

8. He reminds me of my beauty.

I am flawed. There are many things I want to change about myself. He cares about my happiness and the way I feel about myself. He encourages and supports me in any decision I make to better my life, but always remind me that I don’t need to change a thing. Every day, he ensures I know how beautiful I am. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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