24 Little, Heartfelt Things To Say To Your Significant Other That Aren’t Just ‘I Love You’

Toa Heftiba

1. Remember the first day that we met? I will always remember that day with a smile on my face. And you know what baby, I am smiling right now.

2. I love talking to you. You know me on a different level.

3. And God, there isn’t anything in this world that I will not do just for me to have conversations with you for the rest of my life.

4. My jokes are not funny all the time, but you laugh anyway. Thank you. (Ha-ha)

5. You are my sunshine. Even on our rainy days, you are still my sunshine.

6. You have my favorite smile. It’s beautiful.

7. Your existence is my source of joy.

8. Love, I will always be sure of you. In this world full of uncertainties, you are the thing that I am sure of.

9. I want to share all my days with you. We will make it through the bad days, and we’ll savor all the good & beautiful days.

10. You are the person I want to go places with. We’ll be on adventures together, make memories, and look at our pictures when we’re already too old to do any of them.

11. And no matter where in the world we may be, you will always be my home.

12. Baby, you just don’t know how lucky I am to have you. I couldn’t thank the universe enough.

13. There are those countless times when I would just look at you and I can’t help but think how amazing of a person you are.

14. You make me a better person and I thank you for that.

15. You make me happy.

16. My life is so much better with you, I can’t even imagine spending it with someone else.

17. Even the little things that you do mean the world to me.

18. You. Every day. Every night.

19. Babe, I am so into you.

20. I will always choose you—every waking moment, without any doubt.

21. Whatever life throws at us, always keep in mind that our love will always be greater than our shortcomings.

22. You are my answered prayer. You are my life’s great blessing.

23. You are more than enough.

24. I am, and will always be, here for you. I am proud of the person that you are and everything that you will become.

Yup, I am so in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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