I Don’t Want To Be Your Home

Jeremy Bishop

I don’t want to be your home;

When the thunder scares you and lightning hits you down;

When the cold breeze sinks to your bones and unlit the fire inside you;

When the flood breaks in and you drown from destructive thoughts in your head.

You cannot find shelter in my arms for my strengths is not here to hold you.

You cannot find warmth from my body because they too have voids inside that needs to be filled up.

My heart cannot be your light when darkness comes, for it is not like a switch, you can switch on when you want.

So don’t you ever run after me and seek me when you’re lost.

For I don’t want to be your home. Not anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kaycee is a wanderer and dreamer, who tries to see the beauty in life and translate it into words. Always thirsty for new knowledge and learning.

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