My Long Distance Relationship Is Well Worth The Extra Mileage

Flickr / Basheer Tome
Flickr / Basheer Tome

And yet again, another visit to see my long distance boyfriend has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Now I’m sitting, teary eyed, on my plane back to where I need to be for school. 

Although leaving him is the worst feeling in the world, I know deep in my heart that this relationship is one hundred percent worth every tear. The feeling that I get when I see him for the first time in a month or more is indescribable. It makes my heart feel whole again and it makes me happier than I have ever been in my life. Our visits with each other are always filled with extreme passion and many laughs. We know that we can’t take our time together for granted, so we don’t waste a single second. 

I think of our relationship like the image of an irregular heartbeat. There are times when I get sad and depressed that I am alone, then there are other times where I am overjoyed and absolutely filled with complete and utter happiness. These emotions on both ends of the spectrum are so strong that they eventually balance themselves out and make me realize that this relationship is worth it. 

Even tough we still have a decently long time that we unfortunately have to be apart from each other, it’s the thought of us finally being together and happy that makes me keep on pushing through. Our love is what keeps me going and I can’t wait to be able to share our lives together forever after we close the gap in our distance. When you think about it, one or two years apart from each other is nothing at all when you have a full lifetime to look forward to. 

Even though there are a ton of low points when it comes to long distance relationships, the highs are higher than you’d ever think could be possible, which makes every mile apart from each other worth it in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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