9 Urban Legends That Scared The Sh*t Out Of You As A Kid

Thump thump drag

Pete Jelliffe
Pete Jelliffe

One Saturday night, a 16 year old named Mary was babysitting 2 children as a means of earning a bit of extra cash. The parents had gone out for a meal and said they wouldn’t be back until late so the girl put the two children to bed and then settled herself in the lounge downstairs.

She turned on the TV and began to flip through the channels. A sitcom that she’d seen hundreds of times was on one channel, sighing, she flipped the channel again to a news story. The newsreader was issuing a warning about an escaped patient from a nearby mental facility, flipping the channel again she found a film that she’d wanted to see and so she settled to watch it. The film finished and having fallen asleep, she’d forgotten all about the news report from before…

A little while later one of the children jolted awake. He craned to listen to what had woken him. A noise, coming from the hall possibly. Quieting his breathing he strained to make sense of the noise. Thump, thump, draaaag… Not sure what to make of the sound he thought it could be the TV downstairs. He settled down and tried to fall back asleep. Before he could, he heard the noise again. Thump, thump, draaag…

Startled, he leapt across the room and woke up his brother to get him to listen for the sound. Sure enough they both heard it again, thump, thump, drag… Thump, thump, drag.

They crept to their door to listen out for it again but the sound had stopped. Scared now, they both ran to their beds and hid under their duvets until their parents returned home.

The parents returned to the house and were shocked at the sight that greeted them through their front door. There was blood all over the walls and on the stairs was Mary, dead. Her arms had been cut off at the elbows and the rest of her body was so badly injured that she’d had to drag herself along the floor. She’d been trying to get up the stairs to protect the children from the murderer. She died from blood loss.

To this day Mary’s attacker has not been found. TC mark

This article originally appeared on Urban Legends and Horror.


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  • the scribbling writer

    I am still scared Sh**less about the headlights! I refuse to flash my lights at someone who forgot to turn their’s on! LOVED the post!

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    OMFG! Epic ghost stories!!!!!!!

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