20 Simple Things You Can Do To Find Happiness

Jeremy Cai

As someone who has tried to be happy even during harder times, I thought that I should share a few points on how to smile and be happy even when God throws an ultimate test at you. Just follow these simple steps and make your life happier with each passing moment.

1. Smile at everyone you meet

You may have had a grumpy start to your day, but that shouldn’t affect those around you. Smile at them and make their day bright. It will automatically turn your day into a livelier one. Of course, you’d find yourself in a happy mood for the rest of your day.

2. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone you trust

There is nothing like pouring your heart out to someone whom you trust. Everyone has that special someone with whom they can chat about everything under the sun. Do that now! I am sure it will make you feel happy.

3. Create a playlist of your most favorite or nostalgic numbers

Nostalgia! By that I mean, happy memories. Not the sad or negative ones. Create an elaborate playlist of songs that would take you back to those good old days and cherish those moments once again.

4. Make new friends

Meeting new people, bonding with them, hanging out and getting to know them is the most effective way of creating an aura of happiness around you.
P.S: Make real friends. Not on social media.

5. Don’t chase money

Of course, money can buy things which you need. But it can’t buy happiness. Don’t lose yourself in the process of earning those extra bucks and put yourself down in the dumps.

6. Be committed to your goals

Set a goal, first and foremost. Work towards it. Shape your lifestyle according to your goal. Make everything around you in favor of achieving your goal. Once you are committed to your goal, nothing can stop you from staying happy.

7. Daydream

Daydreaming must become one of your hobbies. Imagine about good things that would happen to you. Recreate situations and unleash your creativity while you daydream. A happier reverie brings happiness along with it.

8. Don’t get hurt or offended easily

Taking things to heart will make matters even worse. Hold your head high, when complications occur. Don’t think about bygones and hurt yourself even more. Don’t take any offending remarks too personally.

9. Travel according to your wish

You have only one life to explore the places you want to visit. Make your own travel plans and set off right away on a journey that would bring you peace and happiness.

10. Try something on your own

You are the sole reason for the blandness in your life. Fly out from your cage, think out of the box and try something that you have never done before. Don’t make way for any insipid moments in your life.

11. Charity work

Helping the underprivileged is one of the ways to achieve inner happiness. Visit orphanages and old age homes. It needn’t be money. Even spending an hour or two talking to them or interacting with them is enough to bring a smile on their face and on your face too.

12. Relish the present

As I had mentioned earlier, thinking about the past or worrying about the future will do you no good. Live in the moment and relinquish each and every iota of it. That’s what happiness is.

13. Spend time with your family

When was the last time you had a good conversation with your mother, father, sister or brother? Do that right now. Not only you, but the entire family will feel happy.

14. Write down your thoughts

Yes, on a daily basis. Have a personal diary for yourself and write in it whatever you feel about. It’s your diary, so you needn’t worry about your grammar. Write in any language that you are comfortable. Penning down your feelings and thoughts will make you feel lighter and happier.

15. Don’t compare yourself with others

You are what you are. Never compare yourself with your family member, best friend, siblings, that topper in your class or your neighbor. They have their own businesses to take care of. Let them grow, shine and become successful. Don’t get bogged down by them. Or don’t let them snatch your happiness. Remember, you have your own identity and you will ultimately shine.

16. Eat what you love and love what you eat

I have read somewhere that our eating habits have a direct connection with the serotonin hormone. Never have your food in a groggy mood. Always eat whatever is served to you with a calm mind.

17. Have a sound sleep

Sleep deprivation leads to a sorrow state of mind. Hit the sack when it’s time and have an uninterrupted sleep of six to eight hours. In simple words, a good night’s sleep leads to a happy tomorrow.

18. Take care of your health

Only if you feel healthy, you can feel happy. Drink lots of water, eat in limited quantities, exercise, walk, learn yoga, listen to good music and read good books.

19. Don’t argue unnecessarily

Sometimes anger is good, if it arrives for a valid reason. But sometimes it is fatal too. It can lead to dangerous consequences and you will be bereaved of your peace of mind. Arguing with others peps up only negative thoughts. Positivity lies in putting forward your opinions in a convincing way.

20. Watch good movies

You are influenced by what you watch. Movies that portray blood, gore, tragedy and horror are okay to watch once in a while. But to stay happy, you have to watch feel-good movies or movies that make you smile. By the way, everyone loves happy endings, right?

Always remember, you needn’t go in pursuit of happiness. It is all around you. You need to develop ways to find it and make it your sole purpose. There is only a palm’s length between you and happiness. Embrace it with open arms. Keep smiling always! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

A writer by choice, Kavya Janani likes to binge write, along with a steaming cup of ginger tea and A.R.Rahman’s numbers in the background.

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