The 6 Types Of Guys You’ll Crush On In College

Shutterstock / Diego Cervo
Shutterstock / Diego Cervo

1. The Classy Frat Boy

He’s east coast prep, definitely going places, and has tailor fit suits. He reminds you of a time when wearing sweat pants in public was a big no-no, and chivalry was the norm. He talks smooth and his hair is perfectly groomed. Now he may not be able to quote Shakespeare, but you can be sure he can make one impressive business plan and invest in the right stock.

2. The Nerdy Guy

Whether an engineer, mathematician or chemist, his drawing of a circuit or derivation of some formula or other will make his intelligence mega-attractive! He may not be the smoothest talker or own a pair of loafers, but he always has some dorky science joke that’ll make you laugh. And since he’s probably more concerned about building his robot than hooking up with a bunch of girls, you know his compliments and attention for you are genuine!

3. The Deep Thinker

Now this is the guy to whom you can complain about just having seen your bad midterm grade and he’ll respond with “Aristotle once said, ‘to perceive is to suffer’”. Some of these deep-thinking English and Philosophy majors can definitely get annoying real fast when all you want is someone to tell you “oh you’ll do better on the final, let’s go get ice cream!” However, it’s that higher-level thinking that makes their mind oh so alluring. They’re the guys you want to take to a coffee shop with you and just talk about the nature of life for hours on end, since they’re like the only guys you actually can do that with.

4. The TA

This is unavoidable, it WILL happen. They’re studying the same thing as you, they know a lot more, they’re the superior figure and your male classmates are boys compared to them. HOWEVER, your TA is like applying to just one college, and that college is Harvard. The chances of anything actually coming out of this crush are so slim that you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high.

5. The Professor

I am almost ashamed to say this, but this too will happen. Now this situation is like a tone-deaf person, with absolutely no musical, dance, or acting talent applying only to Julliard, the most prestigious performing arts school. DON’T EXPECT SUCCESS! Yes all those smart things they have to say can be quite attractive, and the fact that they have published novels is irresistible, but in most cases your poor little heart will get broken.

6. Your Guy Friend

At some point or another, you’ve probably had a crush on one of your guy friends. You spend all that time together and connect on so many things that it’s only natural after all. He knows all your secrets, stories, favorite flavors and places, and you the same for him. Out of all the guys that have come and gone in your life, this one has stayed put for a reason. Yes you can stay 100% platonic with someone of the opposite sex, but at times it’s possible to develop a crush on them too! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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