4 Brilliant Ways To Get Through Your Love Dry Spell

Flickr / KelseyyBarbara
Flickr / KelseyyBarbara

The reality is that we’re all single at some point. But if love’s not near, don’t you fear! Stop beating yourself up for not having a man, a fling, or a casual hookup at every moment of your life and instead make those breaks productive. As soon as you stop moping around you’ll find you have the chance to make yourself that much more awesome, just in time for your next relationship!

1. Check Your Reflection

When we’re too busy with work, school or relationships, we stop REALLY seeing ourselves. Is your weight and muscle definition where you want it? If yes, good job trooper! If not, take the extra time you have from not cooking spaghetti with a man every night and start weight-training or jogging! Weekends that you would usually spend on picnics with that special someone, go for a hike.

Is your skin clear? If yes, share your secrets with you friends, please! If not, re-examine your diet. Adding fresh fruits and veggies and hydrating yourself with plenty of water will make a world of difference! Visit your local farmer’s market to stock up on those tomatoes.

2. Experiment

No don’t go platinum blonde at home with a box dye kit from Wal-Mart. But if you’ve wanted a whole new hair style, or simply wanted to learn how to do the awkward blowout, here’s your chance to perfect your style and technique. Nails looking bland? Go get them done or do something new yourself! Too pale for summer? Go fetch your towel and sunscreen!

3. Learn Something New!

It really saddens me when I start feeling like the same 3-trick pony I was five years ago. So I personally start crafting like a sorority girl during Big/Little week when I have extra time on my hands. Pinterest is absolutely genius for DIY projects.

Though you can honestly do anything! Take lessons for dance, acting, an instrument, cooking, or bartending if you really want to impress people. Or just watch enough YouTube videos until you’ve mastered juggling. Having these oddball skills will make you stand out and unique! You can even get a Goodreads account and impress everyone with your interpretation of Camus! Being well read can set you up for excellent conversation with the intellectual man that could one day strike your fancy.

4. Reconnect

We all have that one friend with whom we cease to communicate when they’re in a relationship. The only way we know they still exist is by the ridiculous amount of adorable Instagram and Facebook posts. Even if you’re not in this extremist group, you probably still don’t make as much time for your friends when dating as you’d like to, so here’s your chance to compensate for lost time. Get dressed up together and go out to the clubs. Go get some bubble tea, or just stay in all night to talk and bake cookies. It’s the chance to remember that there is still life outside of dating and love, like actually.

Until we finally tie the knot, love will come and go, with hiatus’s being mere seconds long or stretching for weeks into months. If they get kind of long, don’t panic! Instead take that time and make yourself even cooler than you already are. Smell the roses for once! Then when you’re all good and rested and know how to tap-dance or whatever else it is you’ve mastered, you’ll be that much more attractive to the next man you lay your eye on! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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