You've Got To Show Up Because The World Needs You

You’ve Got To Show Up Because The World Needs You

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, run my hand under hot water just to realize I’m still in this, I’m still alive. I have found sometimes when it feels like things are at their worst they’ve ever been, that it is important to sit down with ourselves every so often and just spend some time going over things, the things that make us who we are. The simple act of sitting down and thinking “OK, what is it that makes me who I am.” Make sure to note the really important stuff, the quirky stuff, the dark stuff, and heart stuff.

I’ve been needing to remind myself to have these moments a lot lately. And whenever I do, a healing washes over me, a small, sweet reminder. I’m the heart stuff, and you are also. Remember who you once was, before it got too painful to bear.

Remembering this is so important. You are these things for a much bigger reason than to be them – rather to feel them, to sink into them and then to exude them – showing the world something they wouldn’t see if you didn’t show up. Be a reminder that when the world is cruel you got to show up. Be brave enough to mend but soft enough to feel.

I know some days carrying your own body is heavy but on the days where everything is messy, I hope you have the courage to be both the spill and the mop. I really hope you know how rare and special it is to consciously choose to be yourself. I hope your heart races at the honor it is for all of us to watch as you unfold. You’re doing good. You’re someone’s favorite person. and you’ve got to show up because the world needs you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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