8 Warm And Comforting Ways To Defeat Your Winter Blues

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You’re bundled up inside by the fire watching the ice and snow turn everything winter white (here’s looking at you Jonas). If you’re prone to depression and anxiety, this season can bring much more than just freezing cold.

Millions of people around the globe end up suffering from severe Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with the seasonal disorder, it is common to feel listless during the winter months. Are you tired of feeling like “blah?” I know I am. Here are ten ways we can all survive these icy months and wait for the sun to shine in the spring.

1. Hunker down with a good book.

Specifically something action-packed and thrilling. There’s something quintessential about reading during a snowy day. Picking a good psychological thriller will allow you to temporarily forget how dreary your day is, and you will be consumed with an adventure.

2. Master a new recipe.

Spend the slow winter months practicing your cooking skills. Let’s face it, a homemade meal tastes so much better than take-out. Maybe you can even have a dinner party when your friends aren’t snowed in.

3. Tackle a house project you have been avoiding for the past few months.

(For example: organizing your closet.) There’s nothing stopping you from being productive in these slow months. If you take the time to tackle this project now, you’ll be extra grateful in the spring when your social life picks up speed once again.

4. Learn to appreciate adult coloring.

Adult coloring is a trend that is taking Instagram by storm. It’s therapeutic if you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, and a great way to pass the time. Don’t knock it until you try it!

5. Stay optimistic by keeping a gratitude journal.

One of the best ways to combat the depressing winter months is by remembering all that is beautiful in the world. If you keep a journal of things you are grateful for, you can look back on it on days when you just feel like everything is gray.

6. Get moving.

It’s one of the biggest clichés, but exercise really does release incredible endorphins, which are proven to lighten your mood. Use the idea of bikini season to motivate you into getting into a routine.

7. Volunteer in your community.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to combat the winter blues, is by doing something kind for someone else. When you’re giving back, your problems take second place. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make your heart happy.

8. Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath and lavender scented candle.

At the end of the day, treat yourself. You deserve to be pampered every once in a while, especially when your nose is frozen and your car feels like an ice box. Take the time to indulge in yourself! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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