10 Things Every Southerner Will Experience This Thanksgiving

Twenty20 / jehso115
Twenty20 / jehso115

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year where every family forgoes dysfunction for a few hours and gorge themselves on food. It’s everyone’s favorite “cheat day.” In the South, there are a few traditional things that can be expected to accompany our thick accents.

1. The amount of starchy foods will vastly outnumber the amount of vegetables. In the South, we pride ourselves in being able to make multiple types of potatoes.

2. The vegetables that are offered will definitely have been buttered, fried, or drenched in sauce. For example, creamed corn, green bean casserole, and broccoli casserole. These are the ultimate staple southern comfort foods.

3. Every family member will be over-dressed, then complaining about being uncomfortable after the big meal. We go through so much effort to get our hair perfect, and match our nails to our outfit. This holiday is an occasion, and leggings simply won’t do. But when you’re groaning in misery after stuffing your face, those little details don’t seem to matter as much.

4. Some variation of “bless her heart” will be heard around the dinner table multiple times. When talking about someone at church: “Bless her heart!” When discussing the weather: “Bless your heart!” When debating politics: “Bless his heart!”

5. Sweet tea is served in endless amounts. If you don’t like sweet tea, can you really say you’re from the South?

6. Everyone will complain about being “too full”…until the pies are served There are always multiple desserts. The waistbands of our jeans always seem to give a little bit more when calorie-rich foods are presented.

7. One family member will definitely be wearing cowboy boots. We love our boots.

8. Football will be the background noise for the entire day. There will be screaming, betting, and taunting. Thanksgiving Day is also Game Day in the South.

9. You’ll want to wear cute winter clothes, but it’s hot, so you’re stuck choosing between sweating or short sleeves. For some reason, every year we assume the weather will actually be cold on Thanksgiving. But alas, the temperature will hover around 60 degrees and everyone who dresses “seasonally appropriate” will end up sweating.

10. After dessert, some family member will definitely start planning Christmas dinner. What can I say? We love our holidays, traditions, and any excuse to get together as a family that centers around food. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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