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8 Warm And Comforting Ways To Defeat Your Winter Blues

You’re bundled up inside by the fire watching the ice and snow turn everything winter white (here’s looking at you Jonas). If you’re prone to depression and anxiety, this season can bring much more than just freezing cold.

5 Qualities All Booklovers Share

In today’s technology obsessed culture, finding people who enjoy reading books in their spare time is a challenging and disheartening task. It’s hard for most people to find the time to pick up a work of art, when there are Snapchat stories to catch up on, Tumblr posts to reblog, and Instagram pictures to filter. However, true booklovers know the joy that comes from escaping into word-soaked pages. There are several qualities that all booklovers share.

6 Ways To Love Someone With Severe Anxiety

Millions of individuals struggle with excruciating anxiety on a daily basis. There are many official names for the varying forms of anxiety, but the bottom line is that no matter the type of “disorder” one is diagnosed with, it can become crippling.