Love Will Always Be Worth The Risk (Even If It’s Not Reciprocated)

Pete Bellis

My friend, you feel stupid for doing something so bizarre for love. That’s okay. Everybody had a point in their life when they felt that way, especially when the person they loved took that love they were showing and giving for granted.

But please know this too:

You did it because you loved them. You LOVED. Actions out of pure love are rarely wrong. Especially when it’s for their own good.

You just showed how much you can actually love. If it’s that bizarre, then you’re probably one bizarre human being too. Bizarre human beings in this world are not that many and you need to be preserved and treasured because of that.

You tried and did your best to make it work. Even if you had this gut feeling that you probably would get hurt. A lot. And you were hurt. A lot. But you still did it anyway.

You were brave for loving someone without the same amount of assurance coming from that person. It’s difficult, disappointing and frustrating but you gave that person a lot of chances. It wasn’t your fault if they couldn’t see how much you put into that relationship.

Another thing, it wasn’t wrong to decide to stop when you realized that it wasn’t worth it anymore because it’s okay to choose and to take care of yourself first, especially when no one’s going to do it for you.

You jumped. You dove in. You let go. And no matter how painful it got or how tragic it was, you felt that moment of euphoria while you were free-falling into an abyss of uncertainty and that’s the feeling that you should keep in your heart because that’s when you felt the most alive.

You loved. That’s all that matters. You loved.

That’s one of the bravest things, if not the bravest, we human beings could do. It’s our greatest gift.

Don’t be disheartened by the stupid things you did for love. Just continue to love and always choose to love. Because one of the most important things I’ve learned in love is that, love is always worth the risk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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