This Is How You Know That You Truly Love Someone

Scott Webb

How do you know that you truly love someone?

Well, for me, it’s like this,

I hear his name and I feel comfort. Whenever I see him, I feel safe and calm. His presence alone takes away my anxieties and worries. When he talks to me I wish a hundred times in my mind that our conversation would go on forever. I feel this overflowing happiness whenever we’re together and I immediately miss him even if we just spent the day together. I don’t want to see him in pain or uncomfortable so whenever he tells me about his problems, I do my best to make him feel better and to be there whenever he needs someone to talk to. I never forget to say a little prayer for him, that his day would be good, even if he doesn’t tell me about it most of the time.

He used to make me feel these butterflies in my stomach but I don’t feel that way anymore. I used to imagine a future with him, but now I’m okay with whatever future we’d have, together or apart. I used to get pissed off over the little things that weren’t his fault in the first place. I used to blame him for the pain the he caused me. But now? All I have for him is hope, love, care and patience. Now, whatever and whoever he will become, I am going to embrace him and accept him because that’s what he deserves.

That’s when I knew that I truly love him because I still want him in my life even if the butterflies are long gone. What I feel is the deeper kind of love. The kind of love that transcends the romantic kind. This is the real kind of love. It’s just there. It stays.

You can’t get rid of it no matter how much you try. This is what I’ve been looking for. This is what I’ve been longing for to feel. It was unexpected. But it was divine. I can’t help but feel so much gratitude and keep on thanking God in my mind for allowing me to have someone like him in my life and for bringing me the path that I just went through that helped me grow so much and taught me lessons that I’d cherish forever.

When you truly love someone, you only choose to feel the happiness that they bring in your life. This happiness may bring some any form of pain from time to time but it’s okay because you love them. You are still willing to forgive and accept them. You keep on loving them despite everything that you come across along the way. You don’t just give up just like that because you know that this kind of love doesn’t come around much in life. You feel lucky and blessed to have this and you are willing to do whatever you can to keep this person. You’re scared of course, that whatever this is, this might not last as long as you want it to. But you continue to hope, that this wouldn’t just be gone the next day and then the next and then the next, until you realize that it has been another month with this person.

Do you know when I knew that I really love him?

It’s when he couldn’t reciprocate my feelings but he chose to keep me in his life anyway and despite the pain that I initially felt, I still chose to accept the love that he could give in whatever form and kind it may be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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