We Were Meant To Shine Brighter Apart But Not Together

 Kristopher Roller
Kristopher Roller

I have this theory that if the universe does not want it to happen, it will never happen. But in the rarest times that it allows things to happen, it will gather all its strength to converge its entire scope just let things happen the it wants to be. And guess what? We were one of its pretty little project that ended as a lesson with a broken heart.

Individually, we were bright. We gave light to the darkness. We infected happiness wherever we went to. So the universe decided to make us a constellation. The universe thought that we would fit so perfectly together that we would be able to give more light and fight darkness more effectively. We shone in the night sky so beautifully that they would look up and just stared at us as they wondered how possible it was for us to be together.

It didn’t last though.

There’s this thing they say about brighter flames tend to burn out and lose its fire faster. That’s what happened to us. Our constellation wasn’t stable enough to keep itself together.

Our light was with so much passion that we never anticipated that it could run out. Now we know that it can. Yes, we are meant to shine so bright.

But perhaps, in different places.

In this way, we would be able to give just enough light to more people. Our individual light is enough for now.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re shining bright. And if we ever meet again, if the universe allows it again, smile at me. I’ll recognize that smile anywhere and even just for a second, I’ll feel a special kind of warmth in my chest and I’ll remember that we were once a constellation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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